The Morning Routine


CNN is on in the kitchen.

Yeah...I’m a liberal. 

And I’m thinking back to a time when the thought of having a tv in my kitchen was tantamount to treason.  

“...a TV in the kitchen? Why?”  I'd say to others who indulged.  

A kitchen's for eating, cooking, coming together with people. Not escaping into somewhere else.”

But things are different when you have a kitchen you love to spend time in.

I really do love it in here!

I could spend all day in here.  

I have spent all day in here. I did yesterday.  

Sure, I listen to music and podcasts and audio books in here. But sometimes when dinner is in process or the dishes are being done, or I’m knee-deep in NFL season, or, like now, I want to write while drinking coffee and watching the news...It’s easier to do it in the kitchen than the living room.

And anyways, it takes too long to get the TV system going in the livingroom (my husband has quite a setup in there.) 

So yeah... I guess I have to thank the past owners for putting the TV "cubby" above the sink (maybe it was a poorly placed shelf to them, but to me the TV fits perfectly) so I can have a TV in the kitchen. 

And with my morning news, I enjoy a hot morning beverage.

Part coffee, part mushroom powder blend & part cocoa, it’s my way to get a bit of caffeine (less than a full cup of coffee if desired) some sweetness and a lot of energy (from the mushroom powder.


Looking at the above picture, it seems like a lot of work- but it’s not.

I mix up a large amount of mushroom and cocoa powders in a jar with a little freeze dried coffee, (currently Mount Hagan) and set it on the kitchen island in the bowl with the tea's and everyday implements for easy access. Just add hot water and sweetner / milk and your done.

If I want more coffee any given day, I grab a packet of the coffee and add it to my mug. 

Its that easy. 

I use Wild Foods Master Blend #5 mushroom powder because it’s cost effective and well made. And I like the fact that it’s a blend of multiple mushrooms and spices that give me  enough energy to last till lunch... usually around 2 pm or so. I’m not a breakfast eater- never have been, so having a morning "bevy" that also supplies energy is worth a bit of prep time once a month or so. 

By doing this, I've replaced my dependence on caffeine for a healthier alternative energy source, without the inevitable crash or, sometimes-acid backup in my gut.

Coffee can sometimes do that. 

I also use liquid Plantain each morning in my “coffee”. I started this a few years ago because my seasonal allergies were killing me as I got older. Yes..., it took some time to really "kick in", but two years later I now have minimal allergy issues. Yes..., Spring and Fall will bring nasal “stuffiness” and some congestion pain...but nothing compared to what I was suffering with before Plantain came into my life.

And no plain sugar in my morning bevy.

I use grade B maple syrup.

Why use an ultra processed sweetener like sugar when you can use the sap of a tree that gives you minerals (minimal...but they’re there!) and added depth of flavor.

Morning Routine 2.JPG

As a native New Englander (and unabashed Patriots fan...Go Pats!) I grew up on Real Maple Syrup. And I can’t get enough of it.

And then there’s the milk.

I used to be a fan of half/half in the morning bevy. And I’m still OK with it. But I got sick of it going bad much more often once my husband started drinking coffee when he got to work, not at home before leaving. 

I was astounded when I found a shelf stable Organic milk from Horizon Organic that doesn’t need to be refrigerated prior to opening.

I mean...really! How convenient is that?

Especially since the majority of dairy we have in the house is cultured on some level.

Think cheese & sour cream.

Lots of cheese & sour cream, because Paul and I are not milk drinkers. So hot beverage milk additions always went bad in time.

And I hate wasting food. 

With this, I can buy a few at a time, put them in the cupboard and never run out of milk for hot beverages again.  

Because that sucks!