Biscuits, Butter,& Chardonnay.

Chardonnay (in all it's iterations) goes with everything.



It all started when

...years ago, I tasted the Latour Corton-Charlemagne 2005.

It was one of those mythic (at least to me...) wines I had heard about, but never had the money to buy. Then someone gave it to me for my birthdayas a birthday gift and I was agog at their generosity.

It really was what I wanted, and needed, at the time. 

I was at the tail end of my college degree...and missing "home" (aka, the east coast) and this wine was the experience I built my birthday celebration day around, 

...alone and happy to be so.

I spent the day watching Sex and the City (the complete series :o ) on a DVD set I borrowed from a friend (definitely dating myself here), and I drank that whole bottle. All the while snacking on a plate of cheeses, meats, bread & olives, waxing poetic about the east coast and NYC.

The happiness I felt is almost palpable today as I remember my 33 year-old self sitting cross-legged on the beat up futon against a drafty wall, in the small living room, of the tiny cottage I rented during college in Prescott Arizona. 

Fast forward to today.

And as my wine knowledge has grown, the style of Chardonnay I drink is vastly different from what I started out loving. As is the story for so many wine drinkers. 

It was that wine...that special chardonnay, that turned my pallet around.

Today's wine would not have been a winner in my book all those years ago. It isn't "oaky" enough. Not "buttery" enough.

                         My go to chardonnay...

                         My go to chardonnay...

Today's wine...the one in my glass right now, is being enjoyed with biscuits & butter (both homemade) and cherry jam. 

The jam is not homemade.

I haven't ventured into jams & jellies...

Northfork Chardonnay is made exclusively for it's distributor, Martin Scott, by Pelligrini Vineyards (on the North Fork of Long Island, NY), and...




And it's offered in a 1L bottle for under $20 at the wine shop I work at The Grape DVine.

I love this wine for everything it isn't. 

It isn't oaky...

It isn't buttery...

It isn't heavy. 

What it IS, is a crisp, fruit-forward, bright and barely-creamy white wine with acidity to cut through fried chicken and the elegance to highlight salmon & dill. 

It's as good with lobster as it is with cheese puffs.

And believe me...I've tested the comparisons.