Girl. Friendship.


The train here emits a lonely kind of sound. 

Or does it seem that way?

Just to me?


It’s after midnight, and we’ve all gone to bed. 

She, her and I. 


A friend from far away, here back for

just a day.  

And another always near, but never seen.


Lucky to have them and others in my life,

as we grasp at those special moments-

just long enough to breathe them in.  


In a world of come and go.

Here and there.

Near and far.

We take for granted that we’ll all be here...

or there-

or near... 

but never too far.


Until one isn’t.

And then it’s real.  


The train blows by noisily,

announcing it’s advancement-

or escape. 


To then pass by quickly.

Swiftly, truly...

Into a future of,


I know not what.  


It does this night after night, day 

after day.  

Meaning nothing to those always hearing it,

and everything to me just now...


As if it were the first time

I’d heard a train go by.

Swiftly by. 

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