So, since this blog this is an exercise in personal growth and transparency, I'm going to tell you that this head-shot is about 7 years old.

I still look like this, just add some wrinkles & 10 more lbs and take away some "fullness" from what was already a thin head of hair, and you've got it about right.

I'm a self professed "jack-of-all-trades". I really am pretty good at all I set my mind to...except, follow-through. 

I have tons of ideas, start myriad number of projects and go half-cocked on all matter of interests, just to leave them half finished, or finished and alone, never to take up the new-found talent again. 

I'm a New Englander at heart, although after 30 years up there I had to get out. By that time I had "been-there, tried-that" with 4 types of work. Hairdressing, Makeup Artist, Retail Clothing Store Manager and Waitress. There's a pattern to the first three...all being in the beauty / fashion realm.

This interest will follow me to this day. 

My father was a hairstylist all my life. I loved being in the know about fashion and beauty and trends...and the access to never having to pay to have my hair done was great. Especially since my hair is so fine and a bitch to deal with. 

But I do think that being so entrenched in the "biz" also left me with some "scars" on my psyche. Knowing that you can always look better makes it hard to just be yourself sometimes. And...we didn't have a lot of money, so accessing the clothes and styles and trends I fell in love with was tough. And its not like we lived near anywhere that made access to fashion any easier. It was Northern New England for goodness sake. 

But I always made it work, no matter how insecure and difficult it may have been to "keep up with the Jones".

I got married young...now looking back on it, because it's what I thought was the next step. 

It wasn't. 

He was a lovely man. Kind and fun and creative. A marble sculptor. But we were not a good fit. Three months into the marriage I knew it wasn't working. To be honest, the day of the wedding, I knew it wasn't right. But there was so much of other peoples money riding on the day. So many other peoples interests at stake. 

But who was I to break all those dreams and expectations. Maybe I was just nervous. Maybe just selfish. 

On with the show. 

Then I left months later. I was an outcast in my own social circle. I moved 2 miles away to the center of our town and I was the loneliest and frightened, and exhilarated I'd ever been.

I was free in my one room apartment (the size of 1/5 of my current home) and I reveled in its closeness. 

I got a cat...of course, and he was a part of my life till I met my current husband 15 years later. 

Between then and then, I moved to Arizona with the best life partner I could have ever asked for. I learned a lot from him and we lived a charmed little life. I peeled the shackles of fashion and "beauty" pursuits and lived close to the land. I started rock climbing and found strength of mind and body through that. I was good....real good. The best I had ever been at a sport and I lived the lifestyle. 

I got a Bachelors in Environmental Education, while minoring in Creative Fiction, from Prescott College in Prescott Arizona and those 4.5 years there (I stayed on after graduation for a year) were amazing. If I could move anywhere in the country again...It would be there. But, my husband is the bread winner and he is a consummate "New Yorker" (the state, not the city) so there's no chance of that. 

Maybe we can visit someday. Hopefully soon. 

I came back to the east coast after my time in Prescott and lived with my brother for a year or so. We had a great time. I waited tables while looking for a position in Environmental Education. I was close to him and my father once again (my mother lived in Virginia (still does) with her husband and the rest of my family was / is scattered through the country) and it was good to be "home. 

Then a job came in PA for an environmental education center. I took it and began a journey too long to describe here. But I will go into it in the future. The best thing to have come out of that time in my life was meeting my husband, Paul. 

Hot damn... HE'S THE BEST!

I would definitely not be who I am today without his love, his support and his patience. Anyone close to me needs a lot of that. 

There have been a few other jobs and important events in the time I've been with Paul...but I'm tired of typing so I'll leave it there for now.